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Balducci's Food Lover's Market is a specialty gourmet food retailer in the United States with six grocery stores. The company headquarters is in Germantown, Maryland.


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Bookkeeper/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Find some other place to work! At least Whole Foods pays you for all their bluster and fury. Also,don't get sick.they won't have your's only okay for the store manager to fall ill."

Deli Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional workplace lying stealing ect dishonest mangers"

Deli Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's a small place so the work is not that stressful. The best part of working at this branch are the nice customers. In terms of management, I know they can do better than that. It's unfair that they only listen to employees whose been working for the company for a long time. I've seen a lot of people that come and go within a short period of time. And I believe that those people are not the problem but the management itself. Jobs here are good for students who are looking for part-time. If you are looking for full-time opportunities, then you can skip this place.some co-workers are very nicePoor management. No place for advancement. Little pay. Some co-workers love to gossip."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Retail is 7 days a week, 364; they're only closed on Christmas Day. You have to be resilient to work with the demanding customers, the store is outdated, not climate controlled, they re-set inventory often, people call off frequently and there is high turnover. Bullying goes beyond the playground. There is new store management, which could solve a lot of problems. But again, there is high turnover. If you can go to work, do your job and leave it, this is the place for you. If you are a food lover, eat, drink and be merry - but don't work here. .DiscountsCo-workers"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Typical retail environment serving customers that pay a premium and expect quality. The majority of the jobs are part time with full time employment reserved for department managers, a minimum of 45 hours, weekends and holidays. Benefits and vacation are not available until the one year mark. The store manager is not present and leaves operations to department managers. Except managers, most positions are entry level jobs for employees. There is no customer service or merchandising training and not much leadership. Communication is poor, the store and equipment is outdated and there are frequent problems. Customers take it all out on employees. I would not recommend working there.Discounts and gourmet productsWeekends, holidays and unreasonable hours"

Front department (Current Employee) says

"It is good for whom like to gain experience in groceries store. Associate have around 30% discount for shopping. No more full time position available & unfortunatly part time employees don't have insurance."

Sushi Chef (Current Employee) says

"they pay employees poorly with little no benefots and require workers to work over 40 hours with no overtime. a company that is supposed to be luxrious but treats employees worse than mcdonalds."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's not worth the little pay. Extremely poor management. No room for growth at all. Perfect for a highschooler or an older person looking to pass time. Really not worth it your time.Friendly workers, good foodLittle pay, very stressful, poor management."

Cheese Department Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"apply if you don't have a family and need urgently money otherwise don't do it. Not for that low payment ! No appreciation whatsoever from the management - It doesn't matter how much you contribute and try to increase the sale-Health insurance as a full-time employeBad payment."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Managing payroll, merchandising , ordering , training ,P&L , shrink control. Most enjoyable part of the job is definitely the staff and customers. Culture is amazing most the staff have been there 15/20n years.Good payNo work /life balance"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company is struggling to keep up with larger competitors. Work environment is stressful and unstable, especially with many changes in leadership and a revolving door of high level players.associate discountlong hours, stressful atmosphere"

Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"Balduccis is a very nice place to work. If you are open to any work, you will gain experience in different departments. Deli, cafe, floor, etc. Management is nice and helpful.20 % discountsLow pay"

Grocery Stocker/ Receiving Area Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at balducci's includes off-loading incoming trucks while balancing getting the product already received prepped to go out on sales floor also while entering the received info. into the computers accounting system until your days end . Management has taught me the importance of time management and also the importance of having team members who all work together for a common goal. The hardest part of this job was during holidays when you get multiple trucks with multiple skids of product that has to be accounted for and not having sufficient help to deal with the stores demands. The most enjoyable part of working at balducci's receiving area has to be the fact that you get your own work space with no-one interrupting your work day such as customers or peers.30% discount, great work culturenot sufficiently staffed, management competence"

Catering Manager (Former Employee) says

"liked the customer base of the job in most cases, certain management were lazy did not want to carry their work, but would like to pass it off on you if they could without being noticednothingother department managers whom assume they are general management"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Job is very slow paced except for the lunch hours. Expect to feel bored most of the shift. A lot of favoritism behind the scenes too which isn't fun when you're not a favorite."

Deli Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall bad experience poorly managed no leadership and not muchstructureno brakes no over time no help"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Meet and greet people, love the customers. Enjoyed working with my co-workers.Working with the publicstanding on feet all day"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Working at Balduccis was my first job where I had to give an employer my social security, it was my first job that had a weekly paycheck with taxes. The people I was working with were of an older crowd, environment was friendly but saddening."

Bakery manager (Former Employee) says

"a typical day was to have all sorts of baked good available for customers which included cakes, patries etc. co-workers are great. always willing to help."

Line cook (Current Employee) says

"Was a great place to work but my co-workers and management werent so great30 percent discountMess with my hours" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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